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As usual, we booked our table in advance, before we dined at the Kokkeriet.  The good reviews and the one Michelin star award were gained over several years. This made the restaurant look very promising and we looked forward to the meal.  There was a  full and a small menu, or the guests could order individually from the menu.  As a recognized, self professed  foodie, of we wanted to taste their full menu.  

KOK1We arrived on time at our booking time and we were ushered to our table.  Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the service provided, especially for this kind of restaurant with a high price tag. 

First of all, the staff did not offer any explanation on the menu, nor offer any drinks when we arrived at our table.  Instead, we had to wait for 10 minutes without any staff attendance. It was not an impressive start. 

Secondly, the restaurant is quite small with tables and chairs placed close to each other, and the area was thus quite noisy to my liking.   We could hear the conversation from the next table, and surprisingly, a couple of small children running around the restaurant, and there was even a  baby at another table.  Oh gosh….who brings under age children to fine dining????   Especially when they are not eating. Some patrons are thoughtless. 

KOK2The bottom line is that I want my privacy, especially at a high end dining restaurant. 

We probably got the worst, high traffic table for the night, since it was located next to the other room. The staff had to  pass by my chair many times on their way, to and from the other room. The evening got no better.   

On one occasion the staff hit my chair, and twice hit my head when taking the dirty plates from the next table behind me.  This is absolutely not acceptable !!!!!! 

I complained to the staff, when that happened the second time.  The staff only said “sorry” with a smile and then went away. What kind of restaurant is KOK3that…..????? This was not a pub nor a cheap place. I was furious…. 

The food arrived very slowly at our table.  Both of us got really hungry, since it took two hours for the first entry to arrive and no bread was provided until the third dish.   I was ready to walk away. 

We noticed one large table behind us, with 10 people, and one small table with a couple of people get served first, even though we were the first to arrive in the restaurant. 

KOK4The whole dinner experience took 5.5 hours and I was a bit agitated sitting on the uncomfortable seat. I can still feel my legs killing me.  It reminded me of inside a plane on a long haul flight….  OMG….. 

We decided to skip the cheese selection and tea or coffee after the meal, since it was midnight by the time they offered it, and I was tired and sleepy, and needed to be home before I turned into a pumpkin. 

Overall the food itself was good, however the portion were really small compared with the time we had to wait for the food to arrive at the table, and without the bread, we would be starving big time. We have 5 different snacks and 14 dishes for each person. The wine matching served was acceptable.   

If you have time and willing to wait, the food was worth it.  However I personally will not return, as the service standard is not acceptable, especially for a  Michelin award restaurant.  My money is better spent somewhere else.