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One of my dreams ha always been to experience the Bangkok Floating Market. When I was there, I could see myself enjoying the boat ride, with a lot of tourists from all over the world, doing the same.

FLOAT2 FLOAT6 Riverside shopping is a cultural activity, which has become one of the top tourist activities in Bangkok.    I knew that there were five different locations where they had a Floating Market, and I went to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market  (the most popular of them all).  My hotel was located at the center of Bangkok City and it took me one hour and a half travel, to reach the market. However, it was not a boring trip because I saw the views of different natural features along the way. The forests, rice fields and different designs of the houses and buildings caught my attention , especially the unique streetlights.



FLOAT3 Before reaching the Floating Markets location, we had to ride a speedboat for about fifteen minutes.  Actually,  I am a FLOAT1person who is contemptibly lacking in the courage to do the small boat ride because of a past, bad, personal experience.  I have no choice but to do it, as I had no other way to reach the center of the floating market and this time I enjoyed it very much.


When I reached the market, I said “Oh My God..Thank You, this is a dream come true”.   I was almost 2 hours and a half staying in the floating market, and I got the chance to take a lot of pictures.   It was my privilege to take pictures of those tourists who are enjoying the food, clothing and a lot of other features in that market.   Amazing shall I say.


Everything is cheap,  I didn’t do a lot of shopping but I did taste the food they sell in the boats, like the ice cream in a coconut shell,  and the sticky rice with very sweet mango.   Durian was my favorite but I am afraid to eat because of the FLOAT5smell which I am sure I will bring back to the Hotel.


Not only is food sold on the boats, but I enjoyed the dresses for sale hanging alongside of the river, souvenirs, hats, (necessary because it was an open area and sunny). I was lucky to be provided with a hat from the boat that I boarded.


I was a little sympathetic and concerned for the boat people.   I found it a great deal of effort to make a living.  I believe buying the products they are selling in their boat is a big help at the end of the day.   May God bless them always.


I went back to the Hotel contented and satisfied.  It was an unforgettable tour.  I said to myself,  “ I did what I want to do in Bangkok”.   I also did a lot of tours, but Floating Market was the best.


Still …….I am planning to do it again in the future.