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CEBU3The Philippines has many islands and Cebu is one of the larger ones in the collection. When you visit Cebu you could be told about the uneven battles, between the native tribesmen and the Spanish, military and naval powers.  Of course, as always, the native tribesmen were no match to the Spanish as they fought defending their freedom, fraternity and homes.

Out of the ashes of their defeats and sometimes victories, always rise people who become legends. Datu Lapu Lapu  was one such a native leader who rose to resist the Spanish occupation.  In his honor a memorial was erected in the small town of Lapu Lapu in Punta Engaño, Cebu. Here stands tall, a 20 metre (66 ft) high bronze statue of that chieftain who tactically ambushed and defeated the Spanish army led by the Great Portuguese explorer and general Ferdinand Magellan. Of course, the living legend says that the memorial is built upon the sea shore, at the very site where the Battle of Mactan was fought on 1521.

That little snippet of history was enough to make my mouth water, CEBU4for more details. Truly interested at the history behind the site, I walked around, trying to envisage the battle scene fought on the shores of the backwaters. As always, my imagination let loose, suggesting that the Spanish army with their heavy boots and armour might have been stuck in the brackish swamps on the shoreline. Stuck in the muck, so to speak, they then might have been outnumbered, ambushed and mercilessly slaughtered. All this by the bare footed, half naked tribesmen, who would have jumped upon them from their country boats. They would have attacked them like a pack of extra wild wolves. Every which direction the army might have thought of defending or turning away from was invaded.

I am a great admirer of Ferdinand Magellan, his travels and conquests. The battle of Mactan was a hard pill to swallow.  I felt very sorry that the great General lost out to a Tribal chief, in an ambush, rather than in a straight battle.

But I guess all glorious leaders are always remembered more for their adventures and bravery. It is the morose of the ambush that chokes the valorous death of the great traveler General Magellan, who for once got stuck and lost in this unknown slippery marshy soil.

Returning to my hotel room I tuned on the tele and watched the replay of the Chelsea vs Paris Sainte Germaine soccer match played CEBU2in London on the 9 th of April 2014!

The second leg of the match had a heart breaking finish . This finish, which sank the French

club, was somewhat a similar story of being defeated by a slip and slide unfortunate goal 🙂 🙂 🙂

Does history repeat itself in different forms?

Does mud reveal history in travels? It was a good trip for this history seeker!