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If you ever visit HongKong, please visit this special dim sum restaurant, which features Chinese delicacies ranging from deep fried treats to the hearty steamed dishes.  And the word “dim sum” means to touch your heart.   I am sure you will not regret it and it will definitely touch your heart.

TIM5TIM1First of all, this restaurant has one Michelin star. Yes….. one Michelin star… the famous Michelin guide star.  Secondly , you will have great food at a very reasonable price down to very cheap, compare with others (even for normal restaurants without a Michelin star) in Hong Kong.  So, for me it is a “must visit” place in Hong Kong.

There are 4 Tim Ho Wan restaurants in HongKong at different locations, and we visited the restaurant located at the Sham Shui Po Street area.  Unfortunately the restaurant did not take any reservation, so we had to come early to avoid the long queue.

When we arrived, it seemed that  the long queue had already been established.  We went to the counter to get a number and the checklist sheet to order the dim sum while waiting (there are 2 different menu papers, one in Chinese and the other in English), and we had to wait , standing outside the restaurant until our number was called.  Note…. Please remember to listen for your number to be called, otherwise you will wait outside forever.

TIM4Once our number was called, we were lead inside the restaurant.  The restaurant itself was quite small and noisy, without much decor decoration.  The tables were placed close to each other and some table were elbow to elbow with other guests.  Definitely no privacy since we could hear and see what the next table ordered, and we actually were involved in a conversation with the next table.

Most of the guests are Chinese and one or two were westerners.  The staff do not speak English however the manager of theTIM2 place could speak a little bit English and we managed to communicate with him, especially when our food order was missing.

There was a  pot with hot tea on the table, and then the staff gives a small bowl, as apparently local people wash their chopstick before using them.  Since we did not know this custom, we did not wash our cutlery as it looked clean, and we just used it.

I do not remember the name of every items we ordered, however the food was delicious. And if you like spicy like I do, you can ask for a chilli ,which can be mixed with soy sauce and vinegar and dip the food.

The portion was reasonable like any other dim sum restaurant but I think the taste is above and better.  The best part was the famous baked buns with BBQ pork (char siu bao).  Oh my god…. It was really delicious.  The outside was glazed and lightly crunchy when bitten and the inside was soo soft with hot mixture of barbeque sauce and tender pork inside. This is a must order in this place.

Don’t be alarmed when they place the bill on your table when you are still eating, it seems another strange custom in this restaurant.  All in all…. I would highly recommend this place if you are in HongKong.